• Aminachen123

    how to keep healthy?

    February 14, 2012 by Aminachen123

    How to stay healthy is a hot topic today. People often joked that we sells healthy when we are a young man. However, when we are old, we will spend money to keep us healthy. To keep a good healthy will be a very important thing. But for us, how to keep health?
    Now there is a new words “NEET”. This called these people who often stay at home, do not go out. They buy all things from internet including luxury brands. Such as hermes birkin, hermes bag kelly, LV and so on which can be bought from real hermes outlet store. So, we should not be NEET. Just go out will do good to your healthy.

    Secondly, You should eat lots of fruit and vegetables,and drink lots of boiled water.You should do exercise .You should sleep at least eight in the evening,too.…

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